Mother and Child

What you see here is a peaceful scene of a baby macaque (Japan’s native monkey species) clinging desperately to its mother’s back. What you don’t see are the hundreds of other monkeys descending from what I refer to as “Monkey-poo Hills”, as they do every winter, to frolic in the hot springs (onsen). This was taken in Nagano in February.

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Inspiration for this Holiday

With anything you do in this world, be healthy, be happy and make a contribution.

-Father of Gay Bradshaw

I found this quote while I was reading the July/August edition of The Humane Society’s magazine, “All Animals.” Gay Bradshaw has doctorates in both Psychology and Ecology and is Director of the Kerulos Center, an incredible wildlife sanctuary based in Oregon. I’m not really the type to be moved by quotes I read; I don’t really read motivational books either. Basically, I am just really stubborn and like to figure life out myself, but her father’s words described exactly what I have been attempting to do for myself since January. Just live and give happily and make the world better.

New Years usually marks the time when people feel most inspired to change for the better, but I believe in putting in that effort all year round. Trust me; I’ve been trying to get rid of my awful temper since 300 B.C.

Independence Day, on the other hand, serves as a great halfway marker in the year to look back and assess how true to your resolution you’ve been. What better day to do that, then on the day this amazing country formed. And, even if you are one of those people who doesn’t make resolutions, the 4th of July is still a great checkpoint to determine if you are living your life in the healthiest and happiest way you can, for yourself and for others.

I hope you all have the greatest holiday and hopefully benefited from this post even slightly. And even if you hated it, well just don’t kill the messenger lol. I won’t have computer access for the next few days because I am going camping, so I’ll just see you all later!

For more information on the Kerulos Center, hit the link below:

Kerulos Center