A Window into the Ming Dynasty

I have a weird thing for taking pics through windows. Especially when the view looks like this. The Yuyuan Garden or “Yu Garden – Garden of Happiness” was built in 1559 in Ancient Shanghai. It is a must see and very easy to get to on Line 10 (just saying).


Mother and Child

What you see here is a peaceful scene of a baby macaque (Japan’s native monkey species) clinging desperately to its mother’s back. What you don’t see are the hundreds of other monkeys descending from what I refer to as “Monkey-poo Hills”, as they do every winter, to frolic in the hot springs (onsen). This was taken in Nagano in February.

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Osaka Food Court

Notice Osaka Tower (Tsutenkaku)  is in the background. After taking a three hour bus to Osaka from Nagoya, my friends and I were pretty hungry. We decided to go exploring in the rain and stumbled upon Shinsekai, a charming food district.

Nabana no Sato Winter Lights

Each year in Japan’s Mie Prefecture, there is a Winter Illumination festival that begins late fall and runs until early spring. It is located in a widely famous and popular flower park that happens to be near some of the most amazing onsen (public baths) in Japan. Each year, the theme for the show changes, with this year’s being a tribute to the 1974-anime, ‘Heidi, Girl of the Alps’. Before you reach the the main event, however, you pass through a series of breathtaking light tunnels such as the one pictured here. I could have waited in the hour, or so, long line and get an amazing picture of the tunnel while it was empty, like all of the amazing ones I frustratingly saw on Instagram and the internet. But I did not.

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