A Window into the Ming Dynasty

I have a weird thing for taking pics through windows. Especially when the view looks like this. The Yuyuan Garden or “Yu Garden – Garden of Happiness” was built in 1559 in Ancient Shanghai. It is a must see and very easy to get to on Line 10 (just saying).


Osaka Food Court

Notice Osaka Tower (Tsutenkaku)  is in the background. After taking a three hour bus to Osaka from Nagoya, my friends and I were pretty hungry. We decided to go exploring in the rain and stumbled upon Shinsekai, a charming food district.

Shadows on Nagoya Castle

This is one of the first photos I took when I moved to Japan seven months ago. It doesn’t showcase my photography at its best, but I do like the way the light hits the buildings. Most major cities in Japan have their own castle that you can visit, and usually go inside. This is just a part of the property in my city.