Mother and Child

What you see here is a peaceful scene of a baby macaque (Japan’s native monkey species) clinging desperately to its mother’s back. What you don’t see are the hundreds of other monkeys descending from what I refer to as “Monkey-poo Hills”, as they do every winter, to frolic in the hot springs (onsen). This was taken in Nagano in February.

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Sakura Bloom in Yoro

The good news: The sakura cherry blossoms are finally in bloom in my prefecture.

The bad news: They will all be dead in a week. I’m taking advantage of the moment.

Boats Crossing Togetsukyo Bridge

This photo is from a romantic weekend trip to Kyoto I took back in November. Then again, it’s not hard to feel the romance in this city. I could wander the streets alone and probably fall even more in love with myself than I already am.

After exploring a very famous temple in the main area, we took a 40-min subway to a different district, Arashiyama, which is famous for it rivers, bamboo groves, temples, but most importantly, its monkeys.  Because when you have monkeys, nothing else in life matters. This picture was taken while searching for what I now call “Monkey Mountain”.


Hokkaido in October

I like when nature and the sky especially remind me of “Mary Poppins”. If you don’t know what I mean, go watch the opening credits again.

And if you haven’t seen “Mary Poppins”, shame on you.

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Flower Picking In Furano

A Japanese Woman Harvesting Flowers in Hokkaido, Japan.

In June and July , the fields are filled with Lavender. Unfortunately, I missed the memo and came in October…

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Patriotic and Proud


My Favorite View of Chicago
My Favorite View of Chicago

Going running on a beautiful not-so-summer morning is a great way to begin celebrating my second favorite holiday. Mainly, I decided to run because I had too much popcorn and soda yesterday, and I’ve been skipping my boxing classes for two weeks. Don’t tell anyone. To appreciate this monumental day, I’ve written a little poem for you all:

Roses are multicolored

Violets are violet

Happy Fourth Of July

Nothing rhymes with violet.