Nabana no Sato Winter Lights

Each year in Japan’s Mie Prefecture, there is a Winter Illumination festival that begins late fall and runs until early spring. It is located in a widely famous and popular flower park that happens to be near some of the most amazing onsen (public baths) in Japan. Each year, the theme for the show changes, with this year’s being a tribute to the 1974-anime, ‘Heidi, Girl of the Alps’. Before you reach the the main event, however, you pass through a series of breathtaking light tunnels such as the one pictured here. I could have waited in the hour, or so, long line and get an amazing picture of the tunnel while it was empty, like all of the amazing ones I frustratingly saw on Instagram and the internet. But I did not.

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Shadows on Nagoya Castle

This is one of the first photos I took when I moved to Japan seven months ago. It doesn’t showcase my photography at its best, but I do like the way the light hits the buildings. Most major cities in Japan have their own castle that you can visit, and usually go inside. This is just a part of the property in my city.

Cosplayers in Harajuku

Dante from the “Devil May Cry” series and the traditional Lolita.

Picture taken in Tokyo with a camera that I “borrowed”. Just kidding. Or am I?

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Boats Crossing Togetsukyo Bridge

This photo is from a romantic weekend trip to Kyoto I took back in November. Then again, it’s not hard to feel the romance in this city. I could wander the streets alone and probably fall even more in love with myself than I already am.

After exploring a very famous temple in the main area, we took a 40-min subway to a different district, Arashiyama, which is famous for it rivers, bamboo groves, temples, but most importantly, its monkeys.  Because when you have monkeys, nothing else in life matters. This picture was taken while searching for what I now call “Monkey Mountain”.


One Desperate Comedy Blogger to Another: Help!


I had hoped that screaming through my keyboard would be equivalent to screaming into a pillow, but that was so surprisingly difficult to type, I’m now more annoyed that before.

I held down the ‘H’ key awaiting an infinite tail for my “GA” to appear. Instead, my sadist computer responded by freezing. When it finally allowed me to resume, I attempted it again in further frustration, but only one H pooped out. For whatever damn reason, this site does not allow you spam a single letter. It’s like they’ve kid proofed WordPress, and I have no time for that right now!!! I wanna I wanna I wanna I wanna.

This is surely Murphy’s Law at its worst. Oh God, spare me the suffering; I beg you.


So there, I’m taking it back to the days of AIM– Showing my frustration through a random assortment of letters typed as fast as possible. It’s actually pretty fun.

shfhdofhdffhiudfhdshksnvksfbdffkjdsfsdf iuodchfidsh fcfdh idfhgiudfhgjdfhkjdfnkjvdfgdf

Uhh, that feels good.

I have been so exhausted from work for the last two months, that I haven’t had the mental or emotional abilities to develop a post worthy of going onto this blog. I have high expectations for myself, and this post is about as bottom of the barrel as I will allow.

I did just spend the afternoon drafting a thoughtful post detailing work and all of the exciting new ambitions I’ve undertaken in 2016. But, two hours in, I realised that it was such an immense pile of dog dung, I had no choice but to scrap it.

Woe is me! Isn’t there some ancient Greek Saint I can pray to for comedic inspiration? The only one I know of is Ayios Phanourios, whom my mother taught me to ask for help when I lose something. Well, I’ve lost my talent, so it’s worth a shot I guess. The downside is that after he finds the thing you’re missing, you are supposed to light a candle for his mother in church; and there are NO Greek Orthodox churches in Japan, rest assured.

What about the Greek God of theater and wine? Dionysus; I think that’s his name. I know it’s old school, but if anyone can help me, I’m sure it’s him.

I’m sincerely hoping that somehow this unplanned and unorganised mess of a post will somehow break my inability to be funny. If anyone has any idea of how to solve the crisis that is writer’s block, please; I am all ears. And they are very big ears, I might add.

Yours Desperate,