The Blogger Recognition Award!

bloggerrec_award I am always extremely grateful for the support I receive from those who read my silly posts, but today I want to extend special thanks to Tamara, the funny and inspiring creator of Orange Pond Connects. Such a talented writer has nominated me for an award, and it makes me giddy and gay. And, if you like my writing, then you will love hers, so go visit her!

Ok, so now is the time that I must fulfill my duties as an award nominee recipient. I feel like Miss America accepting her crown! Except I’m prettier. And more talented. And more humble. Ok so here are the rules for nominees, both present and future. 1) Select 15 other blogs you want to give the award to. Yea, I’m only going to nominate 3 because I am a severe underachiever, and 15 is a lot. 2) Write a post to show off your award! I’m already one step ahead. The instructions also say to offer bloggers advice and to talk about my blog. I mean, I’m my favorite person to talk about, so no problem. 3) Comment on each blog. I don’t apologize for spamming your posts’ comment sections with my nominations. You should be thankful. 4) Provide a link to the original post on Edge of NightThis way if you get confused 40 times like I did, you can figure out exactly what to do. br_award

Alright, so I’ll just briefly touch on the why and the when of starting the highly acclaimed blog, Phil’nfree (previously known as Phil’nChicago).

Almost three years ago, I impulsively moved halfway across the country from Virginia to Chicago. My friends back home suggested that I utilize my love of writing and blog to keep people informed on my life. It was great… …For the few months it lasted. I gave up for a year, but the second attempt also lasted only a few months. Finally, another year later, I  picked it back up. And now, here we are. Hello There! I’m told I’m great at making excuses, so instead of admitting guilt for my negligence, I’ll blame Chicago winters. When in doubt, always blame Chicago winters. Even if you live in Nebraska. It doesn’t matter, trust me. My blog did make me promise I’d change my ways. I told her I never stopped loving her. She slapped me. I cried. We’re in a good place now. Ok moving on. Here are some tips that I’ve discovered make blogging a entirely more fulfilling and fun experience. I hope they help! a) Self-promoting is nothing to be ashamed of. Post those Facebook updates every time you write a post. There are a lot less interesting things floating around in the news feed, so don’t worry about annoying people. b) Blogging is more than sharing your voice. It’s about discovering other people’s voices. Once you begin interacting with others, it becomes so much more rewarding to scroll through that “Reader”. c) Don’t be afraid to pick up where you left off, whether your last post be a week ago, a year ago, or a lifetime ago. d) If you’re in a cafe filled with people, and you are writing something so hilarious that it causes you to giggle loudly enough for the hipster with the curly mustache sitting next to you change seats, just keep on laughing. (This happened to a friend…) “And the Nominees Are” 1) Becca at Sage of the World: The most impressive traveler. 2) Kellie at Fox With Quill: A truly gifted and creative story writer. 3) Asvini at Mental Poise: A poet and it’s a good thing she knows it. Please go check out their blogs! They are amazing women. -Phil


2 thoughts on “The Blogger Recognition Award!”

  1. Can I blame my negligence on winter, too? I live in Canada. And where I live we have winter 9 months out of the year! lol Great post and some great blogging tips!

    1. Winter doesn’t discriminate. I feel your pain. I can only imagine how brutal Canadian Winter is compared to Chicago Winter. Thank you so much!!! 🙂

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