50 Followers is a lot.. to me! Hooray!

Wow! The fact that 50 people felt even slightly inclined to follow my blog is really awesome. Better yet, 40 of the 50 are actual bloggers from WordPress.com! Which means that only 10 of my friends/family follow it. So Rude.

To celebrate, I thought that it would be fun to tell you a story about  a man  a boy  a man boy named Phil. He’s an adventurous soul, with an admirable disposition for wanderlust. Even if his dad, Steve, says that he just has too short an attention span and too big a propensity for boredom. Truly, Phil is an explorer at heart, and like all explorers, he thrives on Chaos, Action, Thrill, Challenges and Sushi.

Phil grew up a chubby child. Just kidding, he was always morbidly skinny. I was just trying to gain some sympathy. As his 28-inch, child-size J crew shorts can attest, Phil is small in stature. But he’s large where it matters – in his heart. Who needs normal sized pockets anyway? Plus kids size shorts are so much cheaper!

I have a strong urge to break out a mandolin and sing a badly accented ballad about the struggles of finishing puberty at 15.

(For my female readers, this meant I was able to grow a full beard, but would never again be able to hit Mariah’s high notes.)

Unfortunately the acne continued until his 20’s. Alas, all is under control now, I assure you; do not fret.

With his most awkward years behind him (although never forgotten, I repeat, NEVER forgotten), Phil finished school, left all he knew in Virginia and followed his highly questionable instincts in pursuit of a new life in Chicago. This marked the birth of this blog. Two very short years passed, and the man boy decided to pursue larger goals, so he left all he knew in Chicago and temporarily came back to Virginia.

And well, that leaves us at today. For some reason I thought this story would be much longer…

That’s THE END I guess. For now. I can’t wait to explain what’s next in his journey.

So once again, thank you so much for any interest you have in reading, and I look forward to probably disappointing you with all of my future posts.



9 thoughts on “50 Followers is a lot.. to me! Hooray!”

  1. Man I’ve felt the same exact way when you came through and followed me today. When that notification came up I got OVERLY excited. To think that me, a lil regular ol guy, could have even caused someone to WANT to follow my blog…. Im doing something right. Either way, I digg your content man, and I look forward to seeing you pop up in my reader!

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