A Girl Named Madeleine

I’m not a poet, but you will realize that as soon as you start reading below. I just thought it would be fun to honor a friend of mine who continues to be one of the main supporters of my blog. Pus she’s just one-of-a-kind.

Oh, and she has already been warned about this post.

Disclaimer: I’m sure that this is the first and last time she will serve as anyone’s muse.

A Girl Named Madeleine

I’ve got this friend

With the longest brown hair.

Long like a horse’s tail.

Except better kept

much less rough,

with less flies.

She’s sweet like honey

After leaving it exposed too long

and it hardens in the jar.

Sweet like a macaron.

Not from France;

From Costco.

I remember the good days

Working for our narcissistic boss.

The doctor’s empty threats

Constantly in our ears.

We were fired

Every single day.

Her car: circa 1992,

Like a cockroach, it just will not die.

Green like dead-body water,

and so full of trash.

What just brushed my leg?

I’ll never know.

If you too find a Maddy,

Please make sure to let her know

How good a friend she is.

But, absolutely never,

And I mean never,

Give her alcohol.


P.S. A lot of other friends have also supported my blog from day one and continue to give me feedback on each of my posts, and I am truly grateful. I just had this idea, and once I get my mind on something I can’t look back. Also thank you to my other friend who proofreads my writing to make sure it’s not stupid. Or less stupid anyway.


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