I Sliced my Finger Off Boiling Hot Dogs

So, to spite hotdogs everywhere, I am going to blog about hamburgers.

It was Six Months Ago. I was living next to Greek Town in the West Loop of Chicago. I was surrounded by Greek restaurants and Greek fast food joints, which made adapting to my new environment much more comfortable. I would frequently order a gyro from this little joint called Zeus Gyros. It was cheap, tasty, and ridiculously portioned. I never left with an empty belly.

Mmmmmmm gyros. I can still taste them.

Sorry, back to my story. I soon after had the idea that I would start a recurring blog post entitled, ‘A Gyro a Day Keeps the Doctor Away.’ I would go visit different Greek eateries and try each and every gyro I could find. I would then review a different place each time. However, I quickly realized that gyros  pretty much tasted the same everywhere I went, and I didn’t live in that area long enough to really get to try any of the restaurants. And if I did, I was so tired of gyros, I wanted to order anything but. I eventually scratched the idea all together once I moved further north in the city.

However, now I think I will resume my previous idea, except instead of gyros, I will review burgers. Not only are they easier to write about, they are also loved by so many people. Like my grandmother for instance. Chinese food and burgers. Those are her two favorite food groups, which isn’t what you would expect considering she’s a heavily accented small Greek woman who grew up in the midst of a war in Greece in the early 1900’s. Nevertheless, I acquired the same love of hamburgers, and I intend to display my discoveries to y’all.

Now keep in mind that I do not consider myself at all a food blogger. I barely cook, even though I am trying to change that, and although I eat even the most eclectic of dishes, I do not consider myself to have a very sophisticated palate.

Having said that, welcome to my first unoffical post of “A Burger a Day Keeps the Doctor Away”. There is a delicious burger place called ETNO Village Grill on Lincoln Avenue between Sheffield and Wrightwood. Deciding to eat there was life changing. When I was kid, I thought Fuddruckers was King of the Burgers. Then as I grew older, I considered Five Guys to have the tastiest burgers in the world! Except, I’ve tried two different Five Guys in Chicago, and I haven’t enjoyed either as much as the one I frequent back home. Now, having tried ETNO, I have my new favorite burger place.

I pass this corner everyday while on my bike for work, Thank goodness I finally gave in and tried it!
I pass this corner everyday while on my bike for work, Thank goodness I finally gave in and tried it!

I ordered The Classic Burger because I like to start simple when I’m at a new place. That’s how I can tell if a place is really good. If I am impressed with a regular hamburger, then I’m all in! According to the description on the menu, it had bacon, lettuce, tomato, cheddar cheese (I’m more of a swiss man, myself), pickles, and “fancy sauce”. Fancy sauce? I didn’t need any more persuading. I also ordered some fries.

Just looking at this picture is tempting me to make use of their delivery service.
Just looking at this picture is tempting me to make use of their delivery service.

Let me tell you, when I took my first bite of that burger, the flavor exploded in my mouth. I mean that literally. The burger was so full of juice that it exploded, startling myself and the woman next to me. It was so tasty though that I didn’t care. I spoke to the cashier after I was done. She was extremely friendly, and when I asked about taking home a menu, she directed me to their online service on grubHub.  I’ll be making much use of that!


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