Phil’n Chicago Revamped

Six Months… I have officially lived in this not as windy as people make it out to be, but still decently windy, city for six months. I started this blog per a friend’s suggestion just prior to my moving to Chicago. When I began this new hobby, I thought it a great tool to keep my friends and family in Virginia updated, to document my new adventures, and to also keep myself occupied for what could very well be a few lonely first months. At first, my blog was a fun way to pass the time. I enjoyed displaying pictures of the trendy places I visited in the city and entertaining my readers with my silly stories.

Shortly after, however, my silly stories ended, and my story away from paper began.

Many people have brought to my attention in the time since my last post that they have been patiently checking my blog for new doses of Phil. When I replied to the requests for new posts with my lackluster declarations of soon to come updates, I felt disappointment in myself at my failure to fill these posts with any substance worth publishing. However, this is not because I don’t have anything to talk about. On the contrary, I’ve had more fun, met more people, and experienced more of Chicago than I ever could have believed in my six months here. The reason I’ve been unable to simply put electronic letters to my thoughts is because I haven’t felt like my thoughts in the recent months have actually been mine. They’ve felt needy, and weak, and vulnerable, three concepts that are normally foreign to me. The reason I am able to begin writing again is because over the past three weeks, I have finally begun to feel like Phil Haros again. The me that I abandoned in Virginia six months ago.

Now that we’re past the sappiness and shit, I’m going to start my story.

*My purpose for this post is to explain that my blog has undergone a makeover. This blog, while I love it and will continue to improve and expand it, is going to go in a new direction.

I have done A LOT of growing since I impulsively moved across country, and I want to share how those experiences have affected me and continue to affect me. I want this blog to serve as a journal of self discovery to help sort through my own self and hopefully help my readers learn something new about themselves. My narration will still be fun and full of my dry humor, but I am no longer going to document every tiny event. That is what Instagram is for. In fact you can follow me at Phil Haros. I’ll follow back. I hope you enjoy my  new approach with my blog.


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