I’m Blogging About Cupcakes on my Saturday Night

And I’m perfectly ok with that.

This entire past week has been a debacle of failed plans. It only seems fitting that I finish the week with yet another lonely night in my room, cramming italian style meatballs into my mouth one by one. Of course I’m making sure to drink an excessive amount of water to prevent the imminent bloating that would otherwise surface tomorrow.

Not the Bloating! Please, Anything but Bloating!!

For tomorrow starts a new week, and I have very special plans to go to my very first Gay Pride Parade! Not only is this essentially my first Pride event I’ll have ever attended, but I could not be in a better city to experience it. Luckily my boss was very understanding and gave me this Sunday off. I even went and bought a new shirt (well it’s actually a tank top..ooh so fancy), and new shoes after work earlier today. And believe me, I refuse to give meatball bloatage the chance to ruin the effectiveness of my outfit.

*If you are thinking to yourself, Hmm, effectiveness is a strange word to associate with an outfit, then you are correct. But then again you have probably never seen me work a crowd in my “lobster shorts” as my friends like to refer to them (due to their having lobs….eh nevermind) Y’all will most likely seem them in pictures eventually.

Enough about pride though. I will be doing another post  documenting it entirely, sometime in the near.. or hopefully near future.

What I want to talk about now is Molly’s Cupcakes. (Click for the site! ooh hyperlink…also so fancy)

The coolest thing about this spot is that it’s very close to my new place!

Remember my friend Annette from my previous post? Well this is where we went after our trip to the zoo. She’s been a fan for some time and insisted I try it. And boy, am I happy I did.  It’s a quaint, little bakery with cute decorations lining the walls and awesome furniture including swing seats. Yes swing seats. How cool is that? For those who are balance challenged, or just plain uncoordinated, do not fret. There are regular seats for you too. So, don’t mind me while I shove you out of the way to grab a swing.

Disclaimer: Technically the seat IS bolted to the floor. However, this doesn’t ruin the fun for me as I am basically a giant child.

The menu was very colorful and inviting, and the cupcake choices were endless. Take note of the  water container standing alone so that you may pour yourself as much water as you need. This is perfect for me since I am one of those weirdos who much prefers water over milk to drink with my sweets.


After some careful decision making, Annette and I agreed on the Wildberry cupcake. Before I could protest, Annette even insisted to treat me to the cupcake. Years of living as a human vulture and picking food from others plates, I learned that nothing tastes better than when it’s free. And this piece of wisdom, from yours truly, proved true in this instant. In fact, the cupcake was deliriously delicious. It was light and yet so sweet. It was fruity while still satisfying our dessert craving. It wasn’t large, and yet it filled both of us quite nicely. It was even filled with an unbelievable raspberry filling. I love raspberry.

I highly recommend trying this place out if you are ever in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago.

It is on Clark street.

And here is the beautiful Annette, posing with my new found love

One thought on “I’m Blogging About Cupcakes on my Saturday Night”

  1. you seriously only tried ONE cupcake between 2 of you? You need to eat more if you are going to do write-ups on food places haha

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