Extra Time on a Rainy Day

Well, World. It seems that the weather is sunny and beautifully warm in every state except for Illinois today. Luckily, I have not been called into work, so I essentially had a day off. Oh NEWS UPDATE: I started working about two weeks ago. I can honestly say it is the best job I have ever had, and the environment there is beginning to feel like a second home.

I can explain! The Ben and Jerry’s is a remedy for burning my mouth horribly yesterday on a Walmart Egg roll. And it may look like I’m about to spend $10 on an iPad app, but it’s.. it’s not what it looks like!!!

Anyway, I am finally (my computer is telling me “finally” is misspelled– it is not.. is it?) going to write about the rest of the events that occurred during the friend’s week from two weeks ago. I know, procrastination at its worst. Actually, no! I’d like to blame working and working out. Those are the real culprits to blame for my indolence. Excuse me for trying to better myself!

The first exciting thing we did involved driving to Indiana! I was invited to join the group on a trip to Horseshoe Casino. That night, I realized that there are two things I miss.The first is gambling. The second is speeding a car down the interstate late at night, blasting music and screaming the lyrics while dancebouncing in my seat. If you don’t know what I mean by dancebouncing then you clearly have either never blasted the music in your car loud enough, or never had any fun people in the car with you…ever. The coolest part of the car ride was passing this:

Cool Right? Tolls always excite me when I don’t have to pay them

I don’t mean to be a killjoy, but apparently this casino did not have separate smoking and non smoking sections.

We entered and walked to the non existent line of the VIP section to receive our casino cards (if you have never been to a casino, these are a must have for gambling). I learned this from my cousins Matt and Teresa when they took me to Atlantic City with them. As you lose money gambling, you get rewarded with free stuff! Every casino offers these cards from what I’ve experienced.. which isn’t saying a lot because I’ve only been gambling about three times in my life. But I say that makes me an expert!


I am a slot maniac, so that’s where I chose to spend my limit of $30. I tried to use my third eye to find the right machine, but they didn’t have my super flame flame machine, and so I decided on the Genie machine that actually rumbles and shakes when you win. There were four chairs, and two were occupied. I sat in the first, but then decided that I didn’t like the vibe that the left over ash tray and alcohol cup on the machine gave me. My friend groaned, and I moved to the other empty seat. I said to my friend “See it’s all about the energy! It has to feel right”. The old woman next to me rolled her eyes. But on the first roll I got the bonus spin. So there you go old lady. Then I lost every spin after that. I said, “See I exhausted the energy at this machine, time to move”, and my friend groaned again. After an hour of entertaining myself at the machines,  I joined the others at the blackjack table.

ImageThis is when things got entertaining. While one of my friends continued to lose money, and patience, her boyfriend continued to win. Eventually she owed him $100. My friend Keerthi and I just watched on, purchasing free alcohol with the coupons we received for getting VIP cards. I would borrow ten dollars here and there to join in a round. I would then win a few rounds and then lose it all and pay my friend back. This went on for a few hours. Eventually our friend decided she was tired of losing, and the three of us left her boyfriend who was now up $200 dollars. While he made bank, I decided I was now hungry and we should go check to see if we lost enough money to be rewarded with more free stuff. Of course, we won a free meal each. After we all grew tired, we claimed our food and called it a night.

It was such a spontaneous night, and I loved every minute of it.

A following night, we all went to an adult arcade called Dave & Busters. It was a lot of fun. A special on the menu allowed us to buy tokens and tickets and a meal for a really good price of $30 each. Image

We played A LOT of games that night. I think the favorite of the night was the Deal or No Deal game. It awarded a lot of tickets. At the end of the night, we of course got prizes. I exchanged my 750 tickets (brag brag) for a keychain and a shot glass. Sadly, our friends left Chicago the upcoming weekend. It was a very good week though.

I’ll update soon!



2 thoughts on “Extra Time on a Rainy Day”

  1. I love your casino experience! You are so funny with those slots…so happy I trained you. And happy to see you finally experienced dave and busters! I can believe they dont have that in VA beach hehehe love u

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