St. Patrick’s Day Celebration (Boring title, I know)

I am so sorry readers. I have failed. I had one goal during this holiday, and it proved much too difficult. This was to watch the Chicago River get dyed green (this is the major river that runs through the city, dividing it into North, West, and South sections — Lake Michigan is in the East). The river is dyed on the Saturday of St. Patrick’s Day weekend. My friend and I woke up early Saturday to head  down to the River at 9:30 to join the masses and watch the event take place. Apparently it was 80 degrees the previous March, and the Chicagoans and visitors were able to watch this process from the comfort their shorts and t-shirts. That didn’t happen this year. It was cold. Cold and drizzly. The kind of drizzle that sort of turned into snow, but not quite, so it just left you wet without any of the beauty. My friend and I found a vendor along the way selling beads for a dollar each. We purchased some, and continued our rapid journey to the river. It wasn’t long before the crowd became larger, and we were soon stuck behind a giggling, skipping couple. I hate skippers, but they really knew how to work their way around a crowd, so I put away my disdain and we followed their trail. Eventually we made our to the Riverwalk. This is like a minni river balcony that overlooks the Chicago River on Wacker Drive. You just descend the steps, and you are overlooking the River. You can overlook the river from the street also, but this gives a better view. We had secured a spot amongst the spectators. It was now about 10 o’clock. This is when we began our wait.

We waited a long time, in the bitter cold. It wasn’t until about 11 that we saw any action. First we saw some tour boats go by. The people on them would smile and wave. All we could think in reply was ‘WHEN ARE THEY GOING TO DYE THIS RIVER? IT WAS SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN AN HOUR AGO’. As our hands and feet slowly achieved frostbite status, we watched some bagpipe players ride up to use on a boat.


That was the best image my frozen hands could muster. Sorry. We all applauded because we were so excited that something interesting had finally happened. Next came the paddle boarders. And they brought t-shirts.


The funniest thing about this was when a spanish woman from the audience tried to put one of the t-shirts on over her giant jacket. There were also some woman’s rowing teams that paddled by. I would like to say that something really exciting happened next! But nothing happened. An hour and a half and nothing happened. But, I did meet this girl standing next to us, and as my friend and I left to go find food, she followed us to a bathroom.

Now the place we wen to eat was amazing. It may have been just because I was starving, but the burger I had was one of the best I’ve ever eaten. The restaurant was Harry Caray’s Italian Steakhouse. The waiters were all very friendly and Italian. Here’s a pic of my burger.


Now I don’t want to leave you all hanging. Just because I didn’t get to see the Chicago River dyed, doesn’t mean it probably isn’t worth waiting for. Just go to a different area than I was at. Anyway I did manage to acquire a picture of the river that my friend’s acquaintance snapped. So here it is for your viewing pleasure:



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