A New Home

Upon walking into the lobby of MY building (I like having a building), I immediately felt welcomed. The process of moving in seemed very simple; I was only required to fill out a few forms. I was handed my laundry card, elevator swiper, and room keys — one for the front door and one for my room (they were identical). I was also given the password for the wifi, the network name being my room number. I retrieved a luggage cart from the front deskman and made my way into the elevator. I was excited that all of the wheels worked on this one. Anxious to use my new swiper, I did so and hit floor 8. The button glowed red for a second and then stopped. I thought I must not have swiped it right and tried again. It glowed and stopped again. I looked at it in disbelief. How dare this button defy me! I seethed. Due to my stubborn nature and my unwillingness to allow myself to be the annoyingly needy newcomer, I attempted to work the elevator for two more minutes. Realizing that the doorman must have found it strange that I entered the elevator two minutes ago and was still standing in there alone, I decided to surrender to the button and ask for my card to be fixed. I was told that it was fixed.

It was not.

Back at the elevator,  a very friendly asian boy went out of his way to not only push my cart into the elevator, but take it off of the elevator for me when I reached my floor. I could infer that he was not a native of Chicago. Ignoring my urge to tip him for his kindness, I exited and found my room: 812. Half expecting either an awkward first moment with my three new roommates, or a surprise party on my behalf as soon as I opened the door, I took a deep breath and pushed the unlocked door open. My intrusion was met with –nothing. ‘How strange for the front door to be unlocked’ I thought, as there did not seem to be a single person in the apartment. Not having been greeted with a party, I disappointedly made my way to my room. Unfortunately, the bedroom doors did not have numbers on them, and I spent much too long trying to get into a room that wasn’t even mine. At this point I was grateful that seemingly no one was home. I found my room and was instantly excited. I took some photos, made some phone calls and decided to bring the cart back down so that I could unpack.



Back in my room, I decided to play some music from my favorite music app — Spotify (check it out). I looked for my room number among the many others in the wifi network drop down, however i could not find it. In fact, I found just about every possible room number but mine… along with the networks”teddybear” and “Granny Porn”.  I hoped to God that my roommates had not made our network Granny Porn. I began searching for different variations of “Room 812”, continually typing in the extensive password given to me for each one, however I could not connect to any of them. With a last hope, I attempted to connect to “teddybear” without success. All that was left was “Granny Porn”. Oh how I wished it wouldn’t be granny porn.

It was.

At least now I could begin unpacking and start my new life in Chicago.


Check soon for another update on my first day in Chicago!


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