Phil’s First Steps

After an hour layover in Detroit, I arrived in Chicago at 11 yesterday morning. With just four pieces of luggage and a heart full of dreams, I made my way to the nearest taxi. I quickly learned that my 50 foot walk outside would be no easy task. After struggling to carry all four pieces of luggage, an employee finally offered me a cart. I graciously accepted, and began my journey yet again…until I realized one of the cart’s wheels was extremely uncoordinated and I could not get the darn thing to go straight no matter how much I tried. After spinning in half circles several times and running into three walls, I made it to the sidewalk! The taxi drivers and female security officer, who looked very much like a Rhonda, all eyed me in utter contempt. I thought to myself, ‘well better to make a bad impression than to not make an impression at all, and hopped into a cab. My taxi driver was from Panama. We spoke a lot about Panama and alcohol and hookers. Well he did anyway. I just listened on, like a young boy listening to his grandfather’s war stories. He was actually an engineer, and I also picked up a lot of useful knowledge concerning the reason the Titanic sank and how a building is built so it can float on water. I now understand that it all lies in the layering of the structure. With this new intellect, I was helped into my apartment building and began the next portion of my first day in Chicago.

Check back soon to Read More!


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